jeudi 2 juin 2011


I took some pics of Lukas. I found her beautiful like this. It is the first time i put the faceplate on a Unoa body. What a change !! I am happy that I did it (and I just have a Unoa body for 2 faceplates now ^^').

Ah and I order 2 BJD from Fairyland :D

The LittleFée Lewi will be Charly, Babille's best friend and lover huhu. And the PukiFée Pongpong will be Winston. And this one is a GIRL !! Yes yes I am not mistaking. I just like this name so I decided it will be for her ^^ She is a very joyful girl. Her favorite hobby is to tease Myrtille. I can not wait to have these 2 cutie. And Winston will arrive blank, I will have to send her to my friend for her make up. I do not like Fairyland make up for Pongpong that much, too much lashes -_-

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