mardi 1 mai 2012

Some news

Hi everybody!
I know it has been a long time since I write here.
Well I am pretty busy with my studies ^^'
I have not took pics' of my BJD for ages.
But I will try to take some time to do so. I have still a week of holiday and I hope the sun will show up so I can show you what's new with my dolls (though there are not so many thing new).
Although I can tell you that I sold two of my BJD: Gorgophonée and Zolzite. I was really sad to sell the first one because she was (and still is) really dear to me. But I was sad to let her be in her box. So I wanted her to have a new home where she could make someone else happy. So she is right now in a good home with a very loving person ;)
As for Zolzite, I will miss him too. But I know that he is in good care.
So, Saccharine was bodyless. BUT, I got her a MNF GIRL body. She has no muscles noaw ha-ha-ha, she is now a real woman. ^^

I do not have the will to buy new dolls for the moment. Thought I have a lot of project in my mind.

Ha, and I got a new "baby" : a lovely kitty boy named Eugène (one of my friend make me noticed that is calles right like Flynn Rider in Tangled and ... well ... I like that character so XD).

I hope I will write soon.

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