vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Saccharine got a new look !!!

Hi everybody !!!
Yes, I know. It's been soooo looonng since I wrote here.
Don't wory, this blog's not dead. I was just too busy with my studies >_< (and I'm still busy with them ).
Here are new pics of Saccharine my MiniFee Shushu. I hope you'll like them. I change her wig , now it match her eyebrows LOL.
She's a wearing a homemade knitted dress. It was made by my Mom.

Ah and I have gave Babille a new face up (again). I wasn't satisfy with the previous one. Sometines I tought that I shouldn't have remove Fairyland face up >o< But well ... I wanted her to be mine completely. I'll show her next time ^^
See you Xoxo

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